Hebb Cat

Back from home from visiting the family for Easter. It was a good break, I got to hang out with lots of the people back home and show off Mike. Probably the highlight of the weekend was visiting Sandy and her kittens. Her (very pretty) cat had 6 kittens 5 weeks ago. So they’re right at the cute running around with no depth perception stage. She’s done an awesome job socializing them, they all loooove people and love falling asleep on people. It was enough cuteness to make anyone’s head explode.

Now that I’m back it’s back to work, I have to start working on the (giant) paper for my research project, though I’m assuming it won’t be quite as painful as some of the other lab reports I’ve had to write this semester. I still can’t believe the semester is winding down. It’s like I blinked and there it went. Still a whole lot of work to be done before relaxing is possible. Then it’s the summer. And no MCAT to worry about this summer.

Microscopy rocks!


Wisdom teeth were acting up today. I had no idea that my jaw could be in so much pain without getting punched in the face or something else to that effect. I will be quite happy when I can eat solid food again, soup got old days ago and there’s only so much congee I can eat (congee = rice porridge).

In less boring news, I am all signed up for courses next year. The highlight – microscopy. I was going to take it this past year, but couldn’t due to scheduling stuff. So next year I’ll hopefully be creating pretty pictures like the one in this post. I’m actually thinking of doing a series of oil paintings based on micrographs. Hopefully I’ll get started on those soon. I’ve also been approached to do some illustrations for a hormones and development book that one of my professors is writing. I also have some other nifty ideas kicking around my head for potential business ventures, but more about that at a later date.

St. Patrick’s Day + more web stuff


So I figure that since the website is all redone, perhaps, just perhaps, I shall update it more often. So the site is still coming along, suggestions are welcome. I’m going to be painting up a storm soon, between papers that is, so if any one has suggestions of what they would like to see (or even buy) a painting of, please let me know.

 I’m also hoping to participate in the Halifax Crafters craft fair in April, so hopefully I’ll have more paintings and prints by then.

 The only other thing of excitement is that tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and, being irish, I feel inclined to at least acknowledge its existence. Nothing’s better than a holiday where everyone wishes they were a ginger kid and drinks lots of Guinness. Seeing as I’m still a chipmunk recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction and don’t like beer, I’m going on the assumption that being irish is enough to pretend that I’m actually more into the holiday than everyone else.

New website is up and running

HelveticaFinally spiltmartini has a shiny new design and updated art. I’m hoping to get the ball rolling, start selling prints and start doing more design work. Please check out my portfolio site and keep coming back to see what else new will be coming! 

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