Almost Christmas Time

I apologize for my lack of updates this past week, I have returned to my family’s home and have been busy doing family things. I have also fallen into quite a bit of illustration work for the department of education so I have been busy trying to get that work done before Christmas. 

Because I don’t have any nifty photos or things to share of my own, I figured I’d showcase an awesome Etsy artist: The House of Mouse. I am very much in love with her stuff, and it may just be because mice are very near and dear to my heart, but I think that her work is horribly cute and very imaginative. I figured the angel mouse would be appropriate to show since it is not only a mere 3 days until Christmas (the eve of the eve of Christmas eve as I used to call it) but ever since I was a baby, I have received an angel ornament each year. This means that unplanned by me, when I finally have my own tree, it will be very themed. This is despite my family’s tree being the most random colourful tree of all (I will make sure I take a photo of it).

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One thought on “Almost Christmas Time

  1. Hi!

    I am in love with the Nintendo messenger bag that you featured on Craftster. New to the sewing machine (hand-sewing up until now), I admired your tutorial, but don’t think I could pull off the project by Feb. 1, my boyfriend’s birthday – I keep telling myself I have to start small. Potholders? Hmph!

    I don’t know how you feel about commissioned work, or if this is a reasonable request, but I was wondering if you could make such a bag for us.

    I’m at kathrynmschmidt@gmail, and let me know if this is possible, and what rates you’d be interested in! If not, that’s totally fine. I just thought I’d ask.

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