Sponge Cake Attempt 1

So Mike and I have finally discovered the show “No Reservations”. I know we’re a little slow on the uptake, but not having the Food Network, it took us a while to discover it (played very late on the Discovery Channel). I know most people must have more exciting things to be doing late at night besides watching the Discovery Channel, like sleeping perhaps, but we are just too cool for things like that.

So we were watching the Spain episode and one of the chefs the host visited made this crazy sponge cake that only took 30 seconds to cook in the microwave. After much scouring of the interweb, we found what seemed to be a reasonable approximation. Of course, though the fancy one on TV seemed quite simple, the recipe we found was much more complicated and used supplies we don’t have (like a whipped cream charger). So this is our approximate approximation of an approximate approximation

approximation is quite a weird word when you write it out that many times…

So the first attempt was not totally successful. It was spongy, but quite dense (most likely due to the lack of whipped cream charger). We also omitted the chocolate and went with vanilla. Yes, it was made in a plastic cup in the microwave.

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