New boots!

So the blasphemous boots have arrived. And since I didn’t feel like working on the huge pile of work I need to be doing, I even fancied up the photo and erased the background. Unfortunately the camera I used to take the photo sort of distorted the colour, so the boots are actually a much nicer chocolaty brown than they appear. So far they feel very comfortable. Mike was saying that I should beware because sweatpants are horribly comfortable too (there is an awful trend around here that involves wearing very expensive boots with sweatpants and believing that you look fashionable because you shelled out lots of money for the boots).

Letterpress book! (finally)

Handmade letterpress book

Finally, finally I have gotten around to taking photos of the little book I made in my letterpress workshop. It measures 3×4 inches, has a little pocket on the back cover and is sewn together. I did everything for this book short of making the paper. There was a WHOLE lot of cutting involved and the letterpressing part was probably the easiest step in the whole process. I’m very proud of how it turned out though and I’m definitely ready to start letterpressing a whole lot more.

Happy belated Vday

Valentine's Day Wreck

I know I’m a little late, but it took me a while to get around to uploading the picture of the awesome cake Mike got for me on Valentine’s Day. I know you’re probably thinking “Wow, can Dairy Queen not do better than that?” and the answer is “probably”. But Mike was going for a cake wreck, which is turns out is harder to make than just stumble upon. He told the person there to use the grossest colours and not center it properly. I think the two of them must have had fun. It worked out well too, because I love the gooey icing.

The unthinkable

I have done the unthinkable, I have purchased a pair of Ugg-like boots. Mind you, I think these ones look nicer than the ones currently available by Ugg and I am currently without boots in a climate that I should not be without boots in and these ones are warm and fuzzy. But still, I have ordered them and they shall arrive next week. I wish I had had them yesterday though as there was a huge storm. This has been by far the worst winter I’ve experienced here (usually they’re fairly mild). 

But now I have boots.

Chocolate cake

Mike and I made the most amazing chocolate cake yesterday. Though I love cooking, I am not a cake maker. It’s funny because you’d think I’d be good at baking, what with the whole science training and the labs and the exact measuring etc. But no, I am chronically bad at making cakes (and quite a few other baked goods). This is what made the cake even more impressive. It was a small chocolate layer cake, with chocolate buttercream frosting and a lemony goo in the middle. 

Unfortunately, while making the buttercream icing, my trusty KitchenAid handheld mixer may have bit the dust. I have never seen one smoke before, but I doubt it’s a good sign. This only makes me want a real mixer even more badly. I definitely cannot think of getting one until at least the summer though, as I have two moves ahead of me between now and the end of the summer. 

Fun times.

Go donate blood


Just a friendly reminder that everyone who is eligible to give blood really should. I remember idiots way back when who liked to think they were clever and say “blood: it’s in me to live”.

But now those people are soulless. 

Coming from someone with almost chronically low levels of iron and friends who can’t donate for legitimate health reasons, PLEASE give blood. Not only does it save lives and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, you get cookies (and sometimes ice cream – just ask, they tend to accidentally hide it). Better yet, get a bunch of people together and give together, then you can be macho and compare arm pricks.

I know it’s been a long time

Sorry for the horrendous lack of posting the last couple days, it’s been a fairly stressful week waiting to hear back from schools. I thought that I would post a couple times today to make up for it. The first thing I would like to show off/plug are the finished flowers that Mike and I made for our Valentine’s Day fundraiser.

Paper irisThey look a lot more like irises than the first attempt. We’re selling them today as part of a fundraiser for the Neuroscience Charity Dinner later on in March. All of the proceeds are going to support Purple Day. Purple Day is a rather amazing awareness day because it was started by a little girl with epilepsy who wanted to help other children with epilepsy get past the perceived stigma as well as to create awareness about the disease in general.

Workshop complete!

Today I finished my letterpress workshop at Dawson Printshop. It was a fun-filled four days, though I must admit I should have chosen a more print heavy project instead of a book project (but that is my own fault). I definitely learned a lot (especially about paper cutting). My printing yesterday morning went very smoothly and the little pocket books look sharp with the silver ink on the red cardstock. 

I wish I had photos right now to show off, but currently all of the books are in a book press so they will lie flat a little better. In total I made around 50 books, each one cut by hand, printed by hand, glued and then bound by hand.

I can’t wait to print more.

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