No Toronto

Took them long enough, but U of T has finally decided that I’m not fit for there. I’m not horribly heart broken, but I still sort of wish they could have told me two months ago like all of the other schools. But now I can stop relentlessly checking emails and get on to more important things like Purple Day

And there was snow today. SNOW. Not quite the spring I would like, but I can’t really complain after what a beautiful weekend we had. In ever so slightly unfortunate news, the film cannot be developed until next Sunday, so it may be a while before we can see the cross-processed wonders of the photos. I think I may load another roll into the old Ricoh though.

Final bit of news. I learned to count today. I did actually know how to count before (at least I could claim that) but now I know how to count in Chinese. I think it’s actually a tiny bit easier, once you get over the fact that units move in 1000s and not 100s (ie 10 000 is a new unit from 1 000). I am almost a counting master.

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