If only someone would wear this with me

Molecularmuse‘s stuff has always been some of my favourite on Etsy. I’ve been oogling over her various necklaces for a while (the endorphin one being my all time favourite) but I must admit, this friendship necklace is the coolest I’ve ever seen. It by far beats those ones I remember from childhood that are the two halves of a heart. I just wish someone would wear this with me. Though I think I would go for adenine and thymine, not guanine and cytosine as pictured above.


T-shirt design

I had been meaning to take photos of all of my t-shirt designs for a while, but it’s nothing like the last looming exam of undergrad to make you get around to doing such things. Today Mike and I had a society clothing photo shoot to catalogue all of the clothing I have designed in the last couple years.

This t-shirt is the one I designed for the neuroscience society this year. It’s a reproduction of one of Ramon y Cajal’s amazing diagrams of the cerebral cortex. It’s printed on an American Apparel organic cotton tee (because I liked how the off-white colour matched the original illustration better). On the back is a small print of the society’s logo.


packing with microbes

I’ve been in the process of packing the last week. It’s slow going, and I didn’t even think I had that much stuff. I need to go on a quest for more boxes today. It does feel odd packing though, it doesn’t feel as though I’ve been in this place a whole year (but I have). Mike and I just successfully sold a desk and a bookshelf, only two more desks and a bunch of other furniture to go. 

And Giant Microbes make good packing peanuts. They are now keeping one of my most precious possessions (my turntable) safe and sound. The sad (or cool) part is that I have even more microbes than what is pictured.

Awesome bags

Because I have been super busy with finishing up the school year and thesis and other projects as well as going home for Easter, I have no cool new photos to post. Instead I am going to do a long overdue shout out to EasilySuede on Etsy. For Christmas I commissioned a hand made leather messenger bag for Mike. I liked the style of the one pictured above but asked about getting it in a darker leather. She was so amazing to work with and the bag turned out great. I will post a photo of the finished bag when I return from Easter travels.

What a mess

Single bed (with two big drawers underneath)

Today was a messy day. It was messy weather, it was messy packing (as you can see from my balled up socks on the floor), and it was messy life (for one of my closest friends).

Because I am a very sentimental person and I know that spring doesn’t seem like a special time for giving (it’s not Christmas time or anything) but as CBC was saying, there’s been quite the rash of both floods and fires here and elsewhere (like Italy). So many that the Red Cross is actually stretched quite thin. So maybe we should all be looking to help out, as we technically should be all the time. And as much as I dislike the current apartment with the carpet that makes my sinuses unhappy and giant cracks in the wall, it is a place for my stuff and me and Mike and Hebb (our cat) and I don’t know how sad or angry I would be if some person took it all away because they fell asleep with a lit cigarette.

Getting ready to move

Tiny desk

I know that I was sort of dead this weekend as far as activity here goes, but it’s mostly due to two things:

  1. Chinese class party
  2. Getting ready to move

The party was super fun, one of the best things about the class(es) is the huge variety in the people who choose to learn Chinese. I wish I wasn’t graduating this year so I could actually take the 3rd year class, though I’m sort of hoping I’ll find a way regardless. So there was a lot of tasty food at the party, and many good time (including lots of singing)

As for the getting ready to move, even though this is the 4th consecutive year I’ve moved, this one is a little different because I don’t know where I’ll be in the fall. Mike and I are just trying to sell things off (less to move even if we do stay in this city). You can check out all the nifty furniture we have for sale here.

Awesome handmade dresses

My friend Kait introduced me to Idea2Lifestyle‘s Etsy shop a couple weeks ago (she’s getting her grad dress there). I was pretty blown away. She has such a unique style and not only makes dresses, but amazing shirts and jackets. I’m trying to resist buying a bunch of the clothing for myself. I also love this, more formal, dress.

How many fancy effects can we have in one photo?

Bulb photo (xPro)

This was Mike’s experiment using the bulb shutter setting on the Ricoh. I’m actually impressed it turned out, since the batteries died during the taking of this photo. Not that batteries are actually 100% necessary for the Ricoh (it’s that oldschool). I’m also impressed how steady Mike’s hands are.

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