such a hermit

new font (expressing how I'm feeling about it)

I really am quite the hermit. It makes me a little sad sometimes. Of course, I could blame this on my seasonal allergies/low iron/mike continuously away working. So besides countless hours of interneting and reading, I’ve decided to kill some time by attempting to design a font. I immediately regretted the idea. I’m not quite done the lowercase set. It’s taken the majority of the day. This is lowercase, no bold, no italics, no figures, no punctuation. And I hate “s”, it’s just as bad to design as it is hard to draw in bubble letters when you’re a little kid. Of well. We’ll see how far I get.

Geeking out on Etsy

So with grad gifts and many birthdays coming up, I figure it’s a good time to peruse Etsy in search of some good finds. Then I came across this:

What makes it funnier is that I have a doodle that Mike and I did quite a while back of a standard deviation with a face and arms attacking village people. This one appears to be much friendlier. She also has an awesome stained glass Sierpinski’s triangle.

Hermann Rorschach

It’s funny because being a neuro/psych student, I have been taught about the Rorschach inkblot test. That and it’s just so common in pop culture. This morning, while trying to think of geeky names for our future kitten, I was reading the Wikipedia article on Rorschach and it turns out he’s a pretty cool guy.

So, as this website is a testament to, I am a sucker for not just art and science, but people and things that blend the two. Not to be unfair to poor Rorschach, but I had always assumed he was just some psycho analyst. Turns out that in high school he had to decide between pursuing art or science (sound familiar?), so he wrote a letter to Ernst Haeckel, the famous scientist and supporter of Darwin. So maybe when I was in high school I didn’t go that far, but I made the same decision, as Rorschach was told to do science and went on to become a psychiatrist. 

Pretty cool. Maybe I should start compiling some sort of artist-scientist list.

Japanese bobtails

Bobtail kitten

It’s been rather lonely without Hebb around, so Mike and I have been thinking about future kittens. We are planning on getting two, since most cats (not all) are much happier with a companion and since we lead relatively busy lives, I wouldn’t want a lonely cat. Being the huge geeks we are, we’ve been extensively researching different breeds. Don’t get me wrong, I love the SPCA, and my first cat ever was from there, but we’re a little freaked out about what happened to Hebb and just feel that we want the security of a cat from a breeder. Plus, we were spoiled with how well socialized Hebb was (to a level not normally received by cats not from breeders) so we’re being selfish.

After much searching, we think that we are going to get a japanese bobtail. A random choice? Perhaps. But from what we’re read, they are everything we could hope for in a cat (smart, friendly, easy to train) and they have the cutest faces. So we shall see. We wouldn’t be getting any cats until late summer/early fall, but for the time being it gives us a little ray of sunshine at the end of this rather hellish month.

Slight inconvenience

So all the med school news has been said and done. So many people who should have been shoe-ins were rejected. It’s funny because I remember waaaay back in high school, long before I had ever even considered this path, a professor saying that to me. I still think it’s funny how upset I was at first to learn that people didn’t get in. But then again, we’re all quite young relatively speaking, and a year really is a small amount of time. 

Crazyness. And me, of all people, got in. Words can not even begin to express my surprise.

Wii fit

So Mike and I got a Wii and a Wii Fit roughly two weeks ago. We’re both pretty active people, but I must say, the Wii is kicking our butts. Luckily it kicks ours butts in a very fun way, but I admit that I never thought I could be so sore the next day from the little exercises that it gets you to do.

In other health-related news, I think my new sneakers are killing my knees. I have very flat feet (so I was told when I was fitted for my running shoes) and need a lot of control so to say so I don’t “over protonate” (sort of bend my feet inward a bit when I walk). I’m suspecting that, as much as I love my blue suede Simple Shoes, they might not give me this. So yesterday I went out and bought insoles. I’m hoping that this will alleviate the problem, since I’m not ready to give up running, but the run yesterday made me feel like I was 60 years old and scheduled to have a double knee replacement.

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