So you may have noticed the distinct lack of posts since last Tuesday. This is due to the kitties, mostly the adult. She’s been having some GI tract issues. It’s terribly sad since she is the most beautiful cat ever. Plus the kitten has bitten two of her nipples so hard they’re almost infected :( But she’s going to the vet tomorrow so hopefully they will help us sort everything out.

Kittens today!

The kitties are currently on their way, so we will be getting them soon. Mike and I are super super excited. We went out and bought new litter today (after becoming a little scared after reading about the negatives of clay litter). We wanted to get the Arm and Hammer clumped corn litter, but unfortunately the store we went to didn’t carry it, so it’s the recycled newspaper stuff for now. We’ve used the corncob stuff before (but the non-clumping variety) and it was ok, but I found it tracked even more than the regular stuff. Of course, Mike wants to teach them how to use the toilet, so he keeps telling me that none of this will matter in a bit. 

The only sad part is that my parents had sent us a nice little plant (instead of flowers) in condolence when Hebb died and I just found out that the species of plant that we received is toxic to cats. Yes, it is quite ironic. So we had to give it and one of my aloes away. We’re keeping one aloe (out of reach) because I burn myself rather frequently. Of course, I’m hoping this won’t be an issue, because none of my cats have ever been plant chewers before.

Coolest gift

One of the pages

I received one of the most creative money gifts ever this weekend. It was just a plain notebook, and one the first page it had a billed taped inside with a little note that said “find me.” At random pages of the book were other bills, each taped next to a cut out image of a suggested purchase. It was very cute and a lot more original than just receiving a card with money inside. I think I’ll need to recreate it sometime.

In other news: we made an offer!!!


Sorry for the lack of updates over the weekend, I was visiting the family and celebrating my brother’s graduation. Though this evening I was compulsively checking Google Analytics (as I often do) and I was thinking, “wow, that’s quite the spike of activity I’ve had.” So upon further investigation, I realized that of all place, Moo supposedly linked to my post about the business cards. I feel quite awesome about this, though I would really love to know under what circumstances I was linked. If anyone has any idea, please let me know, because my curiosity is killing me.

Business cards!

Business cards in the box they came in

A while back when I was doing the touchups on this website, I decided to order business cards. I’d heard lots of good things about Moo, so I decided to go with them. Everything went very well, but two weeks later, when I received my cards, they were a little pixely. Not a huge deal, really it was barely noticeable, but it just didn’t sit right to have cards advertising my ability as a graphic artist when it seemed like I could not even set print resolution correctly. After humming and hawing over what to do, I bit the bullet and contacted Moo. I felt a little bad doing this, since it was almost certainly some sort of error on my part, even though the images I used were 300 dpi. To my very pleasant surprise, Moo customer service replied back within the day, apologizing for the cards and offering me a chance to redo them. They truly are awesome.

So my new cards came today, and I must say, Moo is just great. The cards are laminated with a silk finish – very classy – and both sides are colour. I think it would be pretty awesome to see what it looks like if someone was to get a different image on each one (I was boring and got the same thing printed on all of my cards). I’m very very happy with the cards, and even happier with Moo. 

Business cards

P.S. Moo’s packaging is the cutest thing ever and I really want the font that they use for their branding.

The roll that was

Look at the nice big hole in the film

So miracle of miracles, I did not ruin my entire roll of film from Saturday! I’m actually incredibly impressed, but there were about 10 photos that turned out. Not too bad for a roll of 24 exposures. I love the way my Ricoh takes photos. One of the most satisfying things is how you can feel the shutter move when you take a photo. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Canon, but my Ricoh will always have a very special place in my heart. I’ve posted my favourite photos in my portfolio but since it’s a lot of work to click on the link, I figured I’d put them in this post too.

Adirondack chairs (Ricoh KR-10, Fujifilm 400 ISO)

This one was Mike’s favourite


Dandelions (Ricoh KR-10, Fujifilm 400 ISO)

This one was my favourite shot when I took it


Mushrooms (Ricoh KR-10, Fujifilm 400 ISO)
It was this one and the dandelion one that I was scared of losing (they were near the end of the roll)


Burnt flowers (Ricoh KR-10, Fujifilm 400 ISO)

This one shows off how burnt some of the film was

What I’m shooting with now

Ricoh with Kodak BW400CN film

After the little mishap on Saturday with the film (who knew it could rip?) I decided to jump right back on the horse and get two new rolls of fake black and white film. What I mean by “fake” is that it’s C-41 (ie. colour film) but slightly different in that it shoots in doesn’t have colour. This probably seems a little backwards and you may be thinking “well, that’s pretty black and white then, isn’t it?”. Truth be told though, true black and white film has a different composition and is actually processed a different way. The general process is the same, but there aren’t as many steps. I’m not 100% sure of the differences though, since the only hand developing I’ve ever done was with true black and white film and not the fake stuff.

So I was looking to get some real stuff, but it turns out that no where in town will process it! One place will, but they send it away and it takes a long time and they charge an arm and a leg for it – especially considering that it’s a much simpler process relative to colour processing. Of course colour processing now is done primarily on big fancy machines that do everything for you. Thus now I am trying this stuff for the first time. It’s Kodak Professional BW400CN, 36 exposures. We’ll see how it turns out compared to the black and white photos I have shot previously.


Trees and water

So my day had its ups and downs. But it did end up being sunny, so it was mostly an up. The only real downs were that the condo I looked at today was out of our budget and I ruined a roll of film that I had a lot of fun taking. I did however, paint a painting. A commissioned painting no less. Which is extra good because I am feeling very poor right now (not that that stopped me from buying two rolls of black and white film on sale).

Portfolio, finally!

CD and insert design (front)

So I finally got around to updating my portfolio. I took it down when I was updating a couple things on this site because I wanted to revamp it a little. The revamp may be minimal, but I like the organization of it a bit more now. I also added some new stuff, so go check it out!

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