In search of a chic school/laptop bag

Since I now know for sure that I am locked into at least four more years of school, I figure that I should get a nice new laptop/school bag. Currently I have a Timbuk2 bag. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing bag, and is surprisingly comfortable for being a pretty straight forward backpack (book bag as I have always called them). Unfortunately Hebb (rest his soul) sort of ripped apart the back of it, and it’s not even available anymore. Of course, there is also the idea that now that I am a “grown up” (notice the quotation marks) maybe, just maybe, I shouldn’t have a bright (and I do mean bright) green nylon book bag.

So I have begun a search for what I call my fancy bag. Some sort of shoulder bag that I can stick Moot (my good old 12″ Powerbook – yes, they don’t make those anymore either) and some notebooks. 

Then yesterday, while scoping out pet stores for nifty cat supplies, I happened upon a little boutique and they were selling Samsara bags.

They are all quite pretty, better yet, it’s a Canadian company (I’m a sucker for Canadian companies). They’re an offshoot of Matt and Nat. Being indecisive, I of course have not decided yet, but these bags are strong contenders in the bag search.

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