Everyone should go out and see Pixar’s Up. Mike and I went to see it last night. Now, I’m a HUGE Pixar fan, always have been (in fact in high school it was one of my desires to work there as a graphic artist), so I’ve seen all of their movies and even own the DVD of the shorts. I really loved Wall-E last year, but for me, Up hits even closer to home. It’s a lot deeper than one would expect a “kid’s movie” to be, on some levels I thought it was deeper than Wall-E. But then, Wall-E was more oh no the world and what have humans done to it deep, while this is more growing old and chasing your dreams and finding new dreams, etc. It reminded me a lot of the book The Artist by John Bianchi.

Now I think that Mike and I need to make our own adventure book (you’ll understand after you see the movie)

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