What I’m shooting with now

Ricoh with Kodak BW400CN film

After the little mishap on Saturday with the film (who knew it could rip?) I decided to jump right back on the horse and get two new rolls of fake black and white film. What I mean by “fake” is that it’s C-41 (ie. colour film) but slightly different in that it shoots in doesn’t have colour. This probably seems a little backwards and you may be thinking “well, that’s pretty black and white then, isn’t it?”. Truth be told though, true black and white film has a different composition and is actually processed a different way. The general process is the same, but there aren’t as many steps. I’m not 100% sure of the differences though, since the only hand developing I’ve ever done was with true black and white film and not the fake stuff.

So I was looking to get some real stuff, but it turns out that no where in town will process it! One place will, but they send it away and it takes a long time and they charge an arm and a leg for it – especially considering that it’s a much simpler process relative to colour processing. Of course colour processing now is done primarily on big fancy machines that do everything for you. Thus now I am trying this stuff for the first time. It’s Kodak Professional BW400CN, 36 exposures. We’ll see how it turns out compared to the black and white photos I have shot previously.

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