Business cards!

Business cards in the box they came in

A while back when I was doing the touchups on this website, I decided to order business cards. I’d heard lots of good things about Moo, so I decided to go with them. Everything went very well, but two weeks later, when I received my cards, they were a little pixely. Not a huge deal, really it was barely noticeable, but it just didn’t sit right to have cards advertising my ability as a graphic artist when it seemed like I could not even set print resolution correctly. After humming and hawing over what to do, I bit the bullet and contacted Moo. I felt a little bad doing this, since it was almost certainly some sort of error on my part, even though the images I used were 300 dpi. To my very pleasant surprise, Moo customer service replied back within the day, apologizing for the cards and offering me a chance to redo them. They truly are awesome.

So my new cards came today, and I must say, Moo is just great. The cards are laminated with a silk finish – very classy – and both sides are colour. I think it would be pretty awesome to see what it looks like if someone was to get a different image on each one (I was boring and got the same thing printed on all of my cards). I’m very very happy with the cards, and even happier with Moo. 

Business cards

P.S. Moo’s packaging is the cutest thing ever and I really want the font that they use for their branding.

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