Kittens today!

The kitties are currently on their way, so we will be getting them soon. Mike and I are super super excited. We went out and bought new litter today (after becoming a little scared after reading about the negatives of clay litter). We wanted to get the Arm and Hammer clumped corn litter, but unfortunately the store we went to didn’t carry it, so it’s the recycled newspaper stuff for now. We’ve used the corncob stuff before (but the non-clumping variety) and it was ok, but I found it tracked even more than the regular stuff. Of course, Mike wants to teach them how to use the toilet, so he keeps telling me that none of this will matter in a bit. 

The only sad part is that my parents had sent us a nice little plant (instead of flowers) in condolence when Hebb died and I just found out that the species of plant that we received is toxic to cats. Yes, it is quite ironic. So we had to give it and one of my aloes away. We’re keeping one aloe (out of reach) because I burn myself rather frequently. Of course, I’m hoping this won’t be an issue, because none of my cats have ever been plant chewers before.

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