Adventures in furnishing

So Mike and I got a place (as I announced Saturday). Now comes the fun/stressful part of furnishing it. 

Because when we were moving out of our apartment this April (the lease was up) and moving into a furnished sublet and we didn’t know where we would be living come fall (since it all depended on grad school acceptances) we sold most of our furniture. Of course, saying that makes it seem like we actually had a lot of furniture to sell. It was mostly desks, two bookshelves and a cruddy bed. 

So now we are faced with the daunting task of furnishing a large condo by ourselves with next to no existing existing furniture. Right now the tally is 1 ikea desk and a somewhat broken futon.

We of course want (need) to be resourceful on account of still being in perma-student land, but we also are design geeks and don’t want the place to look like the inside of a thrift store. 

We’ve been noticing that it’s very hip and cool now to have the 60s/70s style fiberglass chairs and we thought, “Hey, there are a ton of those around campus that are just sitting in heaps.” To make matters cooler, I just stumbled across two sites that I think will help us in our quest. Plastolux and Chairfag. I actually found the latter in a link from the former. Lots of modern style DIY plus how to refinish the nifty fiberglass chairs we just happened to come across.

I’ll post some photos later.

PS the chairs were made in Canada, which is think is super cool

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