From one off-white to another

The first thing Mike and I decided to do with the place was paint it. The condo had been reasonably freshly painted by the people before us, but it was a very generic yellowy off-white. Mike decided that we should have cooler colours so we trekked to the local Canadian Tire to look at colours and paints. Mike picked a nice light grey then we thought it would be pretty cool to have one wall of the bedroom a slightly darker grey. 

Not that there was a whole lot of selection at Canadian Tire as far as paint brands go, but we went with CIL Real Life Eggshell. Mostly because it said it was low VOC and that seems to be the big trend. I’d actually never painted with latex paints before because my family house was built in the 80s, when oil paint was used because it just smells so good (and you have got to love the 5 day drying time).

Painting went well. Except that it turns out that “snowfield” and “winternight” (or whatever the darker one was called) are only marginally different. As in the darker colour is exactly the colour of shadows on the first. It makes for a great optical illusion, but not really the punchy contrast we were aiming for.

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