Continued adventures in furnishing

Mike has decided that above almost any other piece of furniture or other furnishing, we need a bright green shag rug for the living room. I am all for this idea because it seems like something I would have come up with anyways. 

He had something in mind like this (but a bit brighter)


I suggested that we be extra hip and cool and get a Flor rug. For those not in the know, Flor is a company that makes modular carpet tiles in hundreds of colours and textures. So we found a suitable texture in a suitable colour and started the process of ordering it.

Rake Me Over, Lime 

That’s when things went a little sour. Turns out that Flor doesn’t really ship to Canada. So not only are Canadians unable to order online, but after Mike called them they needed a day to figure out just how much it was going to cost. So we finally here back and it’s almost double what we had estimated. Turns out that every little fee that could possibly be added on is added on, especially because they don’t have anything set up to reliably ship to Canada.

So unfortunately the rug was not to be. I hold no ill feeling towards Flor though, they’re a great company and I love the fact that if you wear out a tile you can send it back and they’ll recycle it. So I would whole heartedly endorse Flor, as long as you don’t live outside the US.

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