Somewhere to sit

We are still sorely lacking furniture in the new place. We have a bed, we have an awesome entertainment stand and we now have a nice large coffee table. We are lacking places to sit though. Right now we have this

The futon

Why yes, it is a futon. This poor futon has seen better days. I did not get it new (like most/all of my furniture). I picked it up from someone who lived across the street two apartments ago. It’s comfy to sit on and great for napping because it has two mattresses but it doesn’t fold down. Well, it folds down, it just doesn’t fold back up. So after battling with it extensively during the move we were told point blank that we should find a “real place to sit”. One could point out that the floor is also a “real place to sit” but being a smart ass never helps. 

Thus began the search for a proper couch (or sofa as they appeared to be called more often). The problem with couches, like the majority of modern design is that you pay for for clean lines. I think it’s a little funny since you are getting less material in total, but obviously there is a high premium for coming up with the idea.

Mike and I are also burdened with the issue of being short. I’m only about 5’2″ (5’3″ on a good day) and he’s about 5’9″, so it was important to find a couch that wasn’t crazy deep.

We lucked out however and found this

The new couch


Not the height of modern design, but not too bad and despite the photo with nothing to reference the size, the couch is the right size and most definitely the right price. It’s not actually leather, but bonded leather, which I discovered in my couch quest for knowledge is somewhere between vinyl and “real” leather. They take all the leather scraps made from other furniture and then mash it up and make a new material. Sounds good to me. We also got the matching chair.

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