Seal (name chop)

Chinese seals, Left: mine, Right: Mike's

For quite a while I’ve wanted a seal, the name kind, not the mammalian kind. So when my birthday came around this year, I figured that it would be a cool thing to ask for. Of course, being on the east coast of Canada, it’s not like there’s a seal carver on every street corner. Or any street corner for that matter. So the internet search began. There are a lot of internet sites that will provide this service, so it was hard trying to find one that was legit and also well thought out. I didn’t just want my name in some generic font on the bottom of a rock. Luckily in my search I came across Chinese 4 Arts.

The thing that really caught my attention with this site is the artist who runs it, Chengwei Fang, is actually a scientist by day, artist by night, which of course I can relate to. Plus his gallery was really good. Mike and I decided that we might as well both get one and since it was my birthday gift, he did all of the communications with Chengwei. The whole process was really personal and really fast and the results are awesome! We just got them in the mail this week and I’m so so pleased with how they turned out. Mine’s the red on white, while Mike’s the white on red. I can’t recommend Chengwei enough, he was amazing to work with and produced two unique and beautiful seals.

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