The lonely mouse

Group-housed mice (Illustrator)

School has been busy to say the least. Fun and interesting, but busy. I did get all of the revisions on my paper done though, and it’s been resubmitted and accepted (WOOT!). Now it’s on to the poster. I decided that I should make my poster extra pretty, since it’s going to the huge neuro conference that’s happening in Chicago in a couple weeks. The only thing better would be if I was actually going with it. So in an effort to snazzify my poster (which would otherwise just be a bunch of graphs, such is life for a behavioural researcher, people who do histology get to actually have photos), I decided that some vector art might do the trick. So I whipped up these puppies mice. There’s actually another mouse that goes with them, since the study was investigating housing. So these are the group-housed ones and on the other side of the poster I’ll have the lonely mouse who is all alone. Poor mousey. I bet we all have days like that, I suppose we should just be happy that someone didn’t permanently move us to individual housing.

I’ll post a copy of the poster when it’s done. Which feels like never right now.

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