Lamb Curry (Rogan Josh)

Lamb curry

Mike and I were craving curry for a while, so after a big trip to the market we finally made some. We used the recipe from here. It actually tastes a little like chili now, but we think that’s the general meat plus tomato taste. It’s still very tasty.

In addition to the lamb, we added some fresh carrots, cauliflower and sweet potato. Not really traditional, but we figured that we should throw in some vegetables to make us feel better about ourselves.

Finished journal

Undergraduate Journal, layout and design

Way back when (and I do mean forever ago) I told the very newly envisioned undergraduate science journal that I would help them with their graphic and layout design. More than a year later the first issue is out and even though it was a lot of stress at crunch time everything turned out so well and there were no issues with the printer or printing at all. I’m incredibly proud of this little thing, despite the years it seemed to take off my life.

First glimpse of the torch relay

Olympic torch bearer

Yesterday the torch passed through Halifax. Mike and I followed it around most of the peninsula. It was amazing to see how big the crowds were, I can only hope that things will be half as exciting when he carries it on Friday. I still can’t even believe he’s carrying it, I’m so jealous and so proud at the same time. This brings the number of olympic torch bearers I know up to two: my aunt carried the flame for the Calgary olympics relay.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

I’m so very excited for this movie. Not only is it a book that I loved when I was a kid (I read almost all of Roald Dalh’s books), but it’s Wes Anderson and IT’S CLAYMATION!

I have a super soft spot in my heart for claymation ever since I made a couple of my own back in the day. I think that they were so smart to do this movie in this medium instead of computer animation. Don’t get me wrong, I love that style too, but this is just too perfect.

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