High-tech adventures

I’m posting this using my brand spanking new iPhone. My mom and I are equally geeking out, which is super awesome. Brenda and Moo are thoroughy enjoying my parents’ house, there’s just so much more space than the condo. They’ve also taken to suntanning under the incadecsent bulb (must be novel compared to all the compact fluorescent at my place)

Christmas Stockings

I’ve been spoiled all my life and had a homemade Christmas stocking (my grandmother made it). In fact, my family has matching stockings, because we’re just that cool. I decided that in an effort to my Mike’s and my place more Christmasy, we should make stockings and boy were we ambitious. My inner craftyness told me that simply sewing a stocking was not enough – I would make the stocking. So we bought some roving and decided to wet felt. Turns out Mike is much better at this than I am, but our felt is not the best. Luckily this small problem was solved by lining them with extra fabric I had left over from our couch cushions. Mike even sewed on his own initial and part of his stocking! (I nabbed a talented guy)

And why yes, that is helvetica. We’re such type geeks.

Felt stocking

Felt stockings (lining)

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