Christmas Stockings

I’ve been spoiled all my life and had a homemade Christmas stocking (my grandmother made it). In fact, my family has matching stockings, because we’re just that cool. I decided that in an effort to my Mike’s and my place more Christmasy, we should make stockings and boy were we ambitious. My inner craftyness told me that simply sewing a stocking was not enough – I would make the stocking. So we bought some roving and decided to wet felt. Turns out Mike is much better at this than I am, but our felt is not the best. Luckily this small problem was solved by lining them with extra fabric I had left over from our couch cushions. Mike even sewed on his own initial and part of his stocking! (I nabbed a talented guy)

And why yes, that is helvetica. We’re such type geeks.

Felt stocking

Felt stockings (lining)

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