Mike finally got around to getting a new computer, which was long, long overdue. He figured that a smart choice would to be to get a netbook (can’t beat a computer that’s twice as good as your old one on all of the computery specs at a price of $300). To make matters cooler, he got a Dell Mini 10v.

For those of you in the know, this is the posterboy computer of Hackintoshing (installing Mac OS onto a “windows” computer). Following this excellent guide, we installed Snow Leopard onto the cute little computer. It went unbelievably smoothly and completely without a hitch and now he has a 10″ mac (even its webcam works!). I must admit, I’m more than a little jealous. The funny thing is that this is his first “mac” computer, while I am a Mac geek, he’s never really come over to my side. But the computer came with XP and Windows 7 is no longer free, so this turned out to be the much more economical option.

Now back to learning about microbiology, immunology and pathology…

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