Best way to display a torch

Back in November Mike was part of the torch relay for the winter olympics (!!!). He decided that it was enough of a momentous occasion that he bought the torch. Turns out you only pass the flame, not the torch itself. But we had no idea how to display it. The organizers were selling a stand that you could put on a shelf or table or whatever but

  1. We didn’t like the design
  2. We had no where to put it
  3. Even if we liked it and had a place to put it, it is almost guaranteed that ourĀ gremlins cats would knock it over

So we knew we wanted to put it on the wall, and we were envisioning some sort of hook or whatever, but we didn’t know what would fill this duty or what such a thing would be sold as (since no one really sells “torch hooks”). This past weekend though, we came across the perfect thing while looking for castors – rubberized hooks for hanging tools in the garage. Not only was the rubberized bit almost the exact same colour as our walls, they were only 0.89$ a hook! Compared to the 50+ dollars that the stand would have cost us. It was super easy to mount (screw hooks into wall) and we only needed two.

Masterful mounting job

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