Scrub caps

All year I’ve been doing a surgery elective, which means that once a week when I go to the OR I get to wear the most excellent “buffont hat”. The sort of disposable blue poofy hat that you’d imagine someone in the food industry wearing. For the most part I don’t mind, even though it makes my ears and forehead look huge, but everyone else (doctors, nurses, orderlys) has cool scrub caps. Most of the time I figured that this was a right of passage. A1 agreed (even though she really wanted one too).

So finally, when I went back toy parents’ house for Easter this past weekend I though, “screw it, I want a cool hat.” So I went to the fabric store and bought some fabric and then I made A1 and I both scrub caps, I even embroidered “A1″ and “A2″ on them (the other Allison being A1 and me being A2). I made the pattern up myself, using a guide I found on Craftster. I’m pretty proud of them. I even wore it in the OR today! Makes me want to get a sewing machine of my own.

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