Drug of the Day 2

Drug #2 (I’ll get up to at least 4 by the exam)


What it is: statin (right in the name)
Indications: High cholesterol, living in North America
Administration: Oral
Mechanism of action: Statin drugs bind the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase. This enzyme is the rate limiting step in the synthesis of endogenous cholesterol. So if you block it, your body isn’t nearly as good at synthesizing cholesterol and it also start to up regulate LDL (“bad cholesterol“) receptors. This makes statins close to a miracle drug, since they’re limiting how much cholesterol you make and at the same time increasing the receptors that take the “bad” cholesterol out of the blood. Some people argue that statins should just be put in the drinking water (since hypercholesterolemia is so rampant in North America).
Interactions: None really. See, this is a miracle drug.
Adverse effects: In rare cases it can cause rhabdomyolysis (ouu, sounds like a House diagnosis), which is the breakdown of skeletal muscle. Fortunately this goes away once you take someone off the drug.

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