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Every year the 2nd year class puts out a handy-dandy “DON’T PANIC” guide for the incoming class. This year I was asked to do the cover and decided to go with something way different from the previous year (which was a ominous looking stethoscope). I thought, of course, that the most important thing is to have DON’T PANIC written in large, friendly letters. And you can’t getting larger or friendlier (or Britishier) than good old Gill Sans.

I’ll post the actual cover later though, once all of the changes have been made. I doubt that it will really give anything away to the next year’s class (except maybe Mike) but I’d rather wait until the writers of the book tell me what changes I need to make and how I really can’t spell and should mostly just avoid putting text in any of my designs.

So for now here is one of the 4 icons I made for the cover. This one is for “money issues” as in lines of credit and just how crazy in debt we will all be in 4 years.

Don't Panic: money issues

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