Drug of the day 3

Drug #3 (so I didn’t do one yesterday, oops) and yes, I chose this one because of its silly name too.


What it is: small molecule (aren’t they all?) antineoplastic
Indications: Cancer
Administration: Oral, intravenously
Mechanism of action: This small molecule inhibits the tyrosine kinase receptor domain of the epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptor. Without EGF, there’s not a whole lot of signaling to grow, so the idea is that the cancer is stunted.
Interactions: Other lovely CYP3A4 enzyme substrates.
Adverse effects: All the nasty antineoplastic side effects. The tolerated “nasty effects” for cancer drugs are actually much higher than most, just because the disease will likely be deadly, so they figure you can put up with more discomfort than if you were taking a med for your headache.

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