Faucet adventure

I’m always in a constant search for a project, so when I noticed that a ultra-cool kitchen faucet was on sale, I thought, “ooooo, I could use a fancier faucet.” A little frivolous, but wow, does it make a difference. It was also quite the experience switching faucets. Mike is becoming quite the handyman though (I helped, but he was the brave soul who got under the sink and did the wrenching).

I really can’t believe what a difference it makes!

Before and after:

Faucet before and after

We also got rid of the Moo (cat) on the counter

We’re eventually hoping to change the countertop and move to a single sink. I know, single sinks are the devil, but when you have the roughly 2 square feet of counterspace that we have, that extra foot makes a big difference.

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