Making a headboard has been on the to do list since about the time I moved in. I inherited a box spring and fram from my family, but being just a frame, it was really plain. I’d seen lots of cool ones online and figured “it can’t be that hard.” I even borrowed a staple gun from my parents (this was about 4 months ago). So finalllllly I got around to getting the rest of the supplies this weekend and Mike and I set about the creation of our masterpiece. It’s made out of MDF, with thick polyester upholstery foam and dark brown vinyl covering it. The buttons I bought and covered myself. For the project we also bought a drill and I must say, I’ve taken quite the liking to the drill. I can see how men people get very attached to their power tools. Though the mechanical staple gun was not easy to use. In fact, I was unable to use it, so it’s a good thing I had Mike around, because I obviously seem to be lacking the upper body strength to use such a tool.

Unlike most of the instructions I found on the interweb, we didn’t attach it to the wall because the metal frame had holes in it to attach a headboard. So we just drilled corresponding holes and then bolted it together. It’s crazy how much of a difference it makes in the room.

HeadboardHeadboard + Brenda modelling on the bed

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4 thoughts on “Headboard

  1. This looks awesome – I’ll definitely have to keep something like this in mind when I get a real place!

  2. Love the headboard you made, which is EXACTLY what my daughter would like for her room. I’m not super crafty, but from a financial standpoint, thought we may try to make one. Can you perhaps provide some guidance of how and where we would go about starting to attempt this project ourselves?

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