Painted dress

About exactly a year ago, one of my good friends gave me a dress so I could jazz it up. Almost a year went by, and I thought, “eek, I should probably get around to doing something with that…”

So I decided to paint (freehand) a nice peacock feather on it. Then of course, half way through, I was holding the little well of paint over the dress and the inevitable happens: I spill the paint. After a little bit of a freak out, I figured, that there maybe should be two feathers.

Peacock feather dress

The dress itself is a dark red, I’ll see if I can get some action shots of it this weekend.

Summer salad

Despite not having gone on a substantial grocery run in the last little while, I’ve somehow managed to keep up a good supply of fresh veggies. I have to say that this salad is just about one of the summeriest things going.

Summery salad


  • English cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Yellow pepper
  • Green beans
  • Peppercorn goat cheese
  • Dressing: olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt and pepper

New kicks

I’ve been “seriously” running for about three and a half years now. By seriously I mean that I go for a run at least three times a week (if not more) and I generally run between 4-12 km at a pace that is well under 6 min/km. My definition of serious is a lot more lax than most people’s. In the fall, I started to notice pain through my IT band (this is the ileotibial band, a wide, flat tendon that runs from your hip to just below your knee). Finally I learned that this was because my feet are kind of (really) flat and because of this I pronate. Now, when I first got a real pair of running shoes, they noticed this and put me in a motion control shoe, and I continued to get the same shoe, but I guess my motion wasn’t controlled enough.

Morning after my 12:30 AM, 16k runI didn’t actually run in those socks, but I would have been cooler if I did

And so I sold my right leg and got orthotics (figuratively, since running with only one leg might pose a bigger problem than just orthotics can fix). Then of course I needed a different shoe, because insole + motion control shoe = way too much control. Having run in Nikes all this time I got a pair of Lunar Elite+ and I must say, they are darned pretty for running shoes (not that I’m a sucker for that kind of thing).

New running shoes Ouuuuu, aaaaahhhh

Now I just need to see if they make my IT bands happier.

BBCS conference tote bag

I while back I designed the logo for this year’s meeting of the Canadian Society for Brain Behaviour and Cognitive Science. The tote bag and the t-shirt both turned out very well, however Mike and I got around to using the tote bag for groceries before I could get a nice photo of it. So then last week comes around and I think “I should take a picture of that, too bad it’s so wrinkly.” So I did what any person would do with something wrinkly: iron it.

Bad, bad idea. I know that they’re made of polyester, and I had set the iron to an extra low setting, however when I just touched the iron to the bag they immediately became one. Thus I now needed a new bag and a new iron.

The new iron still needs to happen, but luckily Mike was able to snag an extra bag from the psychology department this week and I finally got around to taking a photo, no ironing required.

Logo for the 2010 meeting of the Canadian Society for Brain Behaviour and Cognitive ScienceThat’s right, I took the time to erase the background and make it fancy

Four musketeers

I’m working on the o-week t-shirts for the new class (though the second years get to wear them too, so I must say I had a little bit more of a vested interest in making them super spiffy). The idea from the committee was a play on the musketeer’s all for one and one for all motto, since after all, this is the class of 2014. Get it? 1-4! 14! I based it off the classic movie poster from way back when, except I made them doctors. Sort of. They are if you look close.

Four musketeers oweek shirt design

All doctors should wear extravagant hats with giant feathers. I swear, the style should be brought back.

Mike and I painted our kitchen last weekend. Nothing exciting, it’s the same grey off-white as the rest of our place. No pictures yet though, I’m working on it, Nina.

The Hulk!

Hulk ice cream cake

Don’t worry, it was based off this cake on Cake Wrecks, it was purposefully made to look silly

I was trying to figure out what kind of cake to make Mike for his birthday and one of my lab mate’s suggested an ice cream cake. She then went on to say that I should make it out of ice cream sandwiches because you can just assemble it and it looks all fancy but it’s pretty much the easiest thing ever.

It was. I didn’t so much have to make the cake as I had to assemble the cake. It vaguely reminds me of old ladies and potlucks, but it’s darned tasty and I’m ok with that association. I mean, I watch Sunday Morning, so I already know that I’m old (I’m judging based solely on the cholesterol lowering drug ads and how the show is sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Society).

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

This recipe is based off a Kraft one, but I’ve taken out all of the blatant Kraft references because you really don’t need the brand name products.


  • 12 Ice cream sandwiches
  • 1L of “whipped topping” (CoolWhip or something along those lines, though I’m sure you could use real whip cream if you wanted), thawed
  • 1 package of instant pudding mix
  • 6 cookies of your choosing (I used Girl Guide cookies because I happened to have some of those already), chopped up into bits
  • Chocolate sauce or fudge topping


  1. Mix 1/2 cup of chocolate sauce or fudge with 1 cup of the whipped topping.
  2. Add the pudding mix and stir for at least 2 minutes (which is, I am sad to say, a fairly good arm workout)
  3. Add the chopped cookies to the mix
  4. Take four ice cream sandwiches out of the freezer and place them side by side (this is important because I had them out while I was doing the first steps and they started to melt). I was fancy and used neapolitan ones and alternated the way I set them down so it alternated chocolate and strawberry.
  5. Spread half of the chocolate mix on top
  6. Add four more sandwiches
  7. Add the rest of the chocolate mix
  8. You may or may not need to put it in the freezer to get a little bit more solid if, like me, it has started to melt
  9. Ice with the rest of the whipped topping

If you want to decorate it like I did, I just put it back in the freezer to make the icing solid and then went to town with little tubes of gel icing. The store only had two colours, and it turns out those tubes are hard to wield, but I feel that added to the cake.

Fancy birthday breakfast

Fancy poached eggs and hashbrowns

It was Mike’s birthday yesterday and what better way to start the day than with a fancy breakfast. I made a spicy tomato sauce, poached an egg and then layered some Hungarian salami, sauce, egg and then some vlaskas (a type of gouda). The hashbrowns are also homemade, nothing but a little onion and some salt and pepper on those.

Oh, and I’m hardcore and poached the eggs in a saucepan, no fancy poaching apparati here.

A bit more illustration work

This is just another quick thing I whipped up for a document on inventive ways that children can make instruments at home. The idea is that they can string up different kitchen utensils and pots of different sizes to create different tones.

Homemade instruments

The other idea included in the document is about making pan pipes out of PVC pipes, which I think is also pretty cool. Though I know a variation of that (not included in the document) is to fill up a bunch of beer pop bottles with different amounts of water.

Dragon Boat Racing

Today I participated in my first dragon boat race. It’s a huge charity event to raise money for KidSport (a program that allows children from low income families to participate in organized sports). The race was really fun, even though we didn’t make it to the next round (but we were only 6 second off). The best part about the whole event (in my opinion) is the team names, there must have been over 50 teams competing, all with silly names (most of them puns).

Dragon boating

We really weren’t as far behind as this photo makes us look. It just turns out that we were in one of the fastest qualifying heats. And yes, we are wearing scrub caps.

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