Four musketeers

I’m working on the o-week t-shirts for the new class (though the second years get to wear them too, so I must say I had a little bit more of a vested interest in making them super spiffy). The idea from the committee was a play on the musketeer’s all for one and one for all motto, since after all, this is the class of 2014. Get it? 1-4! 14! I based it off the classic movie poster from way back when, except I made them doctors. Sort of. They are if you look close.

Four musketeers oweek shirt design

All doctors should wear extravagant hats with giant feathers. I swear, the style should be brought back.

Mike and I painted our kitchen last weekend. Nothing exciting, it’s the same grey off-white as the rest of our place. No pictures yet though, I’m working on it, Nina.

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