Part one of the kitchen cabinet update

So when we moved into our place the kitchen was all “white”. Unfortunately none of these whites were the same. The floors were a yellowy white linoleum, the walls were a light beige colour, the counter tops and appliances were white white and the cabinet doors were the sort of yellow white that old computer towers turn. In November we ripped out the linoleum, and now we’re planning on tackling the cabinet doors. So far we have the new handles.

Ikea Lansa cabinet handlesIkea Lansa cabinet handles

From Ikea, which we visited while visiting one of our friends in Toronto (we don’t have an Ikea around here). Perhaps a little ubiquitous right now in the modern cabinet world, but we like them and they’ll be a definite update from the ones that we had before

Generic handles

image from Ikea, I’m not sure if that’s where the handles are originally from (20 years ago) but it’s possible

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