Kitchen: before

This is our kitchen “before”:

Kitchen before

The before is in quotation marks because the real before is from before we moved in and tiled the floors. They were originally off-white linoleum (as I mentioned before). Tonight Mike and I installed under cabinet lighting, it was his one request for the kitchen update and we scored a set of three little lights at Ikea for 30$. Bizarrely they didn’t come with the screws to mount them, which seems off for Ikea, fortunately screws are not the toughest nor the most expensive piece of hardware to track down. Besides, if we had screws in it we might have gotten even more flack from the airport security people who made us check our cabinet handles due to the (blunt) screws in the package.

This photo was taken yesterday, pre-fancy lighting. Notice the yellowness of the cabinets compared to the oven and the odd direction of the handles on the drawers.

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