Light fixture!

I think it was the previous owners of this unit trying to make me feel at home, but when I moved in there was a light fixture in the entrance way that was exactly the same as the one my parents had had since 1989 when they moved into their then new house. Ironically, they had gotten rid of this fixture around March, and I moved in to my place in August, which makes me think that somehow karma moved this one ugly light from there place to mine.

The funny this is that despite its hideousness, my height (5’2″, maybe 5’3″ when I first wake up in the morning) kept me from noticing it all the time. Of course when I did I would shudder and say that we really need to get rid of it. Today was the day. I’m not sure if was just impulsiveness due to the fact that our cabinet doors have taken over the living room (which is why there have been a distinct lack of posts this week) but Mike and I rushed out to Rona and then spent over half an hour trying to pick a light.

And while Mike was out tonight, I changed it!

The new light fixture

Almost all by myself! Though I needed my next door neighbour’s help to screw it to the ceiling on account of the height thing, but everything else was all me.

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