Terry Fox Run!

This past weekend a couple of my classmates and I trekked over to NB/PEI to participate in the 30th anniversary of the Terry Fox run. In honour of it being such a big year, the Confederation Bridge, the bridge that goes from NB to PEI was shut down for the morning so that people could run or walk across it. The bridge is 13km long and people could run or walk across starting from either side. Despite having to wake up unbelievably early Sunday morning and it being a little cold before the start, it was an amazing event. Somewhere around 10 000 people showed up and more than 200 000$ was raised.

I finished in 1:13, not a super crazy fast time, but I’m happy with it.

Canadian Press Photo (since running isn’t quite conducive to photo taking)

Diana Lens

I have to admit, I’ve been a sucker for cross processing since before I knew lomography was a big thing. And there’s just something endearing about the variability that comes with a cheap plastic camera and slide film (or a nice camera and slide film). So I was intrigued when I saw that you can get the Diana lens (a plastic lens for the new 120 cameras) for Canon SLRs, and what do you know, with my birthday and all, I was lucky enough to get one!

It’s very hard to focus, I suppose that being one of its main selling points, but does take some interesting photos. The cool thing is that since it’s on my Canon, I can shoot raw and then have a lot more play with the image.

I could just take every photo with it and pretend I’m living in a dream sequence!

New Pacemakers Shirts

A slightly tweaked version from before, I wanted to limit the number of colours to make the design more affordable. I also changed the ECG trace on the front so that it’s actually one that would be generated by a pacemaker. The back is also a specific trace, but I’ll let people try to figure that out.

MS Bike Tour

One of my very good friends (Hi Kait!) is participating in her second MS Bike Tour this month. Being a good neuroscience grad, her team’s name is homunculus. The homunculus is a sort of cartoon where the features of the little man are proportional to their representation in the brain, to boot it was characterized by Wilder Penfield, a Canadian! (and the doctor who helped found the Montreal Neurological Institute)

Penfield’s sensory and motor homunculi

Kait wanted something she could stencil onto her team shirts, so I did this simple little homunculus riding a bicycle (the bicycle was harder to get right than the homunculus). I’ll hopefully get some photos of her and her team wearing the shirts to post later!


MS is a pretty devastating disease, and is very prevalent in Canada, so if you want to donate to the MS society of Canada, sponsor a bike team, or bike yourself, please check out their website!

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