Mike and I went to Nocturne last night, it’s loosely based off Nuit Blanche, basically an evening of art and live performances at lots of different locations around the city. It was incredibly fun! There were lots of stations where you could make things or do things, plus some of the standard gallery-type ones.

One of my favourites was this moving sculpture called “Spinnekop” by┬áNicole LeBlanc & Melissa Schwegmann.

Spinnekop, or spider, is a kinetic sculpture designed to abstractly simulate an organism. The project was inspired by a common interest in biomimicry and kinetic architecture. Spinnekop evokes a living energy through fluid, rhythmical movement and subtle illumination. Starting as a collapsed form, numerous members unfurl as they twist and extend into a series of seemingly tangled legs. As the legs expand, a diaphanous membrane shifts to create a soft, flowing envelope, like a spider trapped in its own webbing. (Description from Nocturne Program)

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2 thoughts on “Nocturne

  1. Actually, this work was completed by two recent Masters of Architecture graduates, Melissa Schwegmann and Nicole LeBlanc. Jessica Melindy, Paulina Szcsesny and James Morshead created Paths No. 2: Reticulating a Warren, a textile sculpture using recycled fabric at Victoria Park on Spring Garden Road.

  2. Well, that’s a little embarrassing that I accidentally wrote the wrong names! Thanks for correcting me and I’ve fixed it now :)

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