My second watercolour in less than a week (but I haven’t scanned the other one yet). My mother commissioned me to to a small watercolour for her boss for Christmas. She gave me free reign other than that she would like it to be flowers and quite bright. It was a fun little painting to do, the original is 5×7″.


Part two of my sewing bender: stockings.

Again, I’m a little obsessive-compulsive about the traditions I grew up with, so when it came to making stockings, I wanted them flannel because mine growing up was (is) flannel.

Of course, these ones are different from mine back home, though they do have the added similarity of having the first initial on them.

Because Mike and I are big type font geeks, the letters are specific typefaces. Can you guess them? (scroll to the bottom for answer)

The trim around the top is actually the lining folded over.

Like the tree skirt, the pattern for the stockings was all in my head.

Name that font:
m: Bodoni std bold
a: Mr. Eaves xl sans heavy

Tree Skirt

I’ve been lucky enough to have a classmate lend me her sewing machine for a little bit so I’m on a Christmas sewing bender. Last weekend Mike and I went on a fabric reconnaissance mission and left with a good chunk of all sort of fabric (felt, flanel, oh so much patterned cotton twill).

My mission was simple:

  • Stockings for Mike and I
  • Tree skirt
  • Fabric advent calendar like the one I grew up with

One week later, I’ve almost completed all of these things. First up, tree skirt:

My modern aesthetic doesn’t extend to Christmas trees, I like them multicoloured

I didn’t have to do a whole lot for this one, cut out a circle using my awesome math skills and then pin all the bias tape around it (which took forever), then sew.

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