Little logo

I’ve been doing a lot of little design things lately. Which I love. Sometimes the poor student in me tries to complain and say that it would be nice if I was getting paid. It would also be nice if I won the lottery.

So while most of my work has been working on top-secret Euphoria stuff, I’ve been doing some illustrations of flaps, and I also got asked to help clean up a little logo that someone had done. It was already a really nice little design, all I did was make it a vector to clean it up a little.

Gallery updated

I realized that not only have I not posted about my mundane life, but more importantly I had not uploaded a bunch of new design work to my gallery. So if you feel so inclined, there is a bunch of new work over in the design section of my portfolio.

Also, for all of those local people, I just wanted to remind everyone about the upcoming art show (in April) and that the deadline for submissions is fast approaching. We’re looking to have lots of art of all varieties and the event itself is always a good time!

(in case you were wondering, those are my feet)

Toys with psychological illnesses

I must say, these toys speak to both my inner science/med nerd as well as my love of odd stuffed animals (yes, I do have almost all of the giant microbes). There’s a whole series of psychiatric patient “cuddletoys” all from the German toymaker Parapluesch.

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