New photos

As I mentioned yesterday, I finished off a roll of film that had been sitting in my Ricoh. The roll was Lomography 400 ISO colour negative film, so the colours and contrast are pretty neat. I think it’s going for a cross-processed sort of feel. These are some of my favourite photos off the roll. I could say I’m doing a themed thing with feet, but I think these photos are almost a year apart (though it may just be that the theme is on going).

(I cheated and made this one black and white in Photoshop)

Mini flash diffuser

Today I decided that I wanted to finish off the roll of film that had been sitting in my film SLR for, lets just say, too long. While waiting for my film to be developed, I was eyeing the flash diffusers and remembered that I should make one for my big flash. Then, while googling home made diffusers, I came across one for the built-in flashes on many DSLRs, using none other than a FILM CANISTER (and it just so happens that I have a bunch of those)

So I whipped out the exacto knife and and made one of these, and I must say, it works very well! I’m excited to get to play with it some more.

(photo from

The tutorial can be found here, courtesy of (an awesome inspiration site in general)

Ampersand ID chart

On Design Sponge I saw this wonderful Ampersand ID Chart by Douglas Wilson. I. Must. Have. It. It is the perfect combination of my love of typography (and ampersands) and it’s a Snellen chart! (for checking vision)

Unfortunately it’s currently sold out, but I supposed I’ll just have to keep checking back or scour the internet to find one.

Anatomical sketches

I’ve started going to the Anatomy Drawing Club again. It’s good because it forces me to make time for just drawing (since I have a horrible guilt of doing so normally). Tonight I ingeniously thought of taking photos of my sketches with my iphone before leaving.

Pelvis and lumbar spine

Heart (with a bunch of detail)

Heart (without a bunch of detail)

Wedding invite

Rachel (and Mico) are getting married this summer, so I offered to design their invite. They’re being very avant garde/budget smart/tree friendly by emailing their invites and having guests respond on their website rather than mailing everything out (postage is expensive!). Part of me really wishes they could letterpress these though.

Dates and location have been changed so that the entire internet world doesn’t show up at their wedding (as I know they would)

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