Goodbye white laminate!


Today I bid goodbye to the awful white laminate countertop in both my kitchen and bathroom. I don’t know whose idea it was 20 years ago that thought that bright white counters on white cabinets with white-ish linoleum floors was a good idea. Maybe they just weren’t cooks, because I’m pretty sure that it you look at that counter it will stain.

But as of today no more! I really hope everything goes smoothly, I have no idea what goes into replacing a countertop, but luckily it doesn’t matter since this is one thing we’ve chosen not to DIY.

Fancy pants technology

Yes, I am that person, the one who went at 5 to go wait in line for a new iPad. Well, it was closer to 6, but there was a line, though I didn’t actually have any problems getting one. The worst was waiting until the next day (post CV/Resp exam) to open it. It’s definitely a nice little piece of design, I can’t believe that there’s enough room inside it to actually be a minicomputer.

In non-ipad-gushing “news”, I’ve been working on lots of design stuff as of late (hence the lack of updates) and some fun kitchen and bathroom updates that I will post photos of!

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