Abstract painting

I was being mildly productive yesterday and did a painting on the large (24×36″) canvas that had been sitting in my house half finished for over a year. The colours are much nicer in real life than what my iPhone camera is able to capture.

The only issue is that my bedroom now smells quite strongly of oil paint and the cats are angry that they aren’t allowed in.

DIY lotus lamp

I’ve wanted one of those Ikea Knappa lamps for a while. I realize they’re rather ubiquitous, but they have a neat look and the price is more than right. One issue: they’re not available at Ikea Canada. I’m not quite sure why there’s a discrepancy between the American and Canadian stores, but alas, the lamp and I were not meant to be

That is, until I found this instructable. With nothing more than a bunch of plastic file folders, scissors, a drill, some wire and a lot of patience, I now have one of my very own. I warn you that since I had to buy the ceiling fixture separate, the cost of the lamp is probably equal to that of the ikea one, but it’s still much cheaper than anything else that I was able to find.

One small warning about the instructable – it makes a very small lamp. I doubled the bigger template to get a lamp that is just over a foot in diameter.


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