Pizza party!

Tonight Mike and I were part of an awesome charity pizza making dinner. Mike made the dough, I made the salad and everyone made their own little mini pizzas. We also had cake that said “Happy Pizza Day”. It was a great evening and I thank other Mike (G) for putting it on and everyone else who showed up to help out. There’s nothing better in a hospital than fresh food (the Globe and Mail agrees).


I realize that this pizza doesn’t have cheese on it, it’s to make up for the ton of cheese we put on the pizzas we made tonight

Feelings of insufficiency

So one of the cool things about Behance is that I can look at other’s work and feel inadequate. It makes things even cooler when I can creep and search for local artists.

All I can say is good job, Halifax.

Nom by Hannah Shilliday

Nom by Hannah Shilliday

PS Halifax, I hope you remember that you do have an art university, so this is perhaps to be expected, but 6 years in a science bubble has somewhat sheltered me from this.

Doodle-a-day: “beckoning”

So far Mike has been providing the prompts, where he gets the ideas, I’m no sure. Today’s prompt was to open a book to a random page, close your eyes and point, then doodle that word.

Today’s word: beckoning


(“lucky” cats are also known at beckoning cats)

Also, I just watched the premiere of Combat Hospital and it’s way better than I expected. A good show even. (my standards for hospital dramas are pretty high, they must stack up to Scrubs). Though I’m a little biased because it is set at a Canadian Forces base in Afganistan.

New portfolio

Remember back in the day when Deviant Art was big? (maybe it still is). Well, I miss those days, so this past weekend I decided that maybe it was time to search out a new art community/portfolio site. A bit of searching turned up Behance and Carbonmade, both free (or at least offering a free version).

So you can now check out my new portfolios at each.
My Behance page
My Carbonmade page

Right now they’re the same, but what I really want to do is give my work a bit more exposure, especially my scientific illustrations and logo work. We shall see how it goes!

Operation doodle

So I’ve been meaning to get into the whole one-photo-a-day thing, unfortunately I’m plagued with being a little on the lazy side when it comes to connecting my camera to upload photos. I also need to become a little better acquainted with the WordPress iPad app (as a default, it’s a little awkward to insert images).

So instead I came up with a different spin on the photo a day and will instead try to do a doodle a day. I figured that I do have stylus for my pad and after a little searching, I’ve discovered that Sketchbook Express is a most excellent sketching app (and free!). So armed with these tools and the fact that I already bring this nifty little piece of technology with me anyways (*apple nerd*) I’m determined not to drop the ball on this one.

Today’s doodle: astronaut

Forced relaxation


I just got back from a vacation with my family to Grand Cayman. I’ve never been down south before, and wasn’t sure how I would like taking a “vacation” rather than a “trip” but it was awesome. I think mostly because I could snorkel in our backyard. It was almost like living in an aquarium and I do have a soft spot for critters (underwater ones included).

I also used the trip as an excuse to finally get a new point and shoot camera. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Canon dSLR and my various film cameras, but it’s nice to be able to put a camera in my pocket and not feel a little like the paparazzi when I go to take a photo. This in mind, I decided that I might as well go all the way and get a super tough, underwater camera.

It was a good decision.


I also finished my scuba certification, which I had started up here, but my tiny little body was not a fan of 4C water (I think I just don’t have enough insulation). Needless to say, I enjoyed the tropical water the aforementioned abdundance of fishies didn’t hurt either.


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