I think it may be the swanky new bento boxes I just got, but I had a craving for rice balls (otherwise known by “onigiri”). In my very simple vision, they are just a ball of sushi rice rolled into a ball, partly because I was feeling lazy and partly because I didn’t have any ingredients on hand.



  • Sushi rice (3 rice cooker cups dry)
  • Rice vinegar
  • White sugar


  1. Cook rice in rice cooker (I used a 1:1.5 rice:water ratio)
  2. Once the rice is done, stir in rice vinegar (maybe a couple tablespoons) and about a tablespoon of sugar. I’m actually just guessing on the measurements because I did it by taste.
  3. While the rice is still hot, scoop out some mounds (this I did mostly so the balls would all be roughly the same size)
  4. Wet your hands thoroughly and then form a mound into a ball. Rinse hands, repeat.

I didn’t fill mine, but supposedly filling is the way to go, a much better set of instructions can be found at Just Bento (I actually found this after I made mine, but the site is pretty cool and has a ton of great lunch ideas to boot)

my onigiri

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