I’m now a member of the AMI!

AMI = Association of Medical Illustrators

I’m very excited about this since I’ve been doing scientific/medical illustrations for a while and for various clients and friends and now I’m a member of an organization that’s dedicated to the integrity of the art and the science.

The funny thing is that my grade 11 science teacher had me pegged to do medical illustration. I suppose now she can say that she was right all along.

Moo and Brenda

I’m working on my own Christmas cards for this year and Mike suggested that it somehow include our two demons cats, Moo and Brenda. As a starting point, I whipped up these illustrations of the two of them in Illustrator.

Brenda does in fact, look that much like Hello Kitty

As you can see, it’s quite accurate:

Moo (Susumu)


Both of our cats are named after scientists. In this case, Susumu Tonegawa and Brenda Milner. Points if you know who either of these (should-be-famous) scientists and what they did.

Brand spanking new layout

I realize that I’ve been ignoring this poor blog and focusing a lot more on sketchy medicine, but I haven’t forgotten! And just to sort of prove I haven’t forgotten, I’ve rejigged the layout. I realize that I am now using the new semi-default WordPress theme, but hey, it’s darn pretty and I’ve been really appreciating all the new-ish functionality that comes with WordPress 3.2 vs the old one. I’ve made this one my own too. Sort of (in that I changed some colours and fonts).

I’ll try to update this one a little more often, come December I will be done a busy bit of life/school and will be moving on to greener pastures (figuratively as it will then be quite snowy and dark, I do happen to live in Canada).

I have been attempting some more design work plus the old apartment is looking good. Not to mention I always try to squeeze in some holiday crafts.

until later, enjoy this photo of a banana chocolate chip muffin

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