Brand spanking new layout

I realize that I’ve been ignoring this poor blog and focusing a lot more on sketchy medicine, but I haven’t forgotten! And just to sort of prove I haven’t forgotten, I’ve rejigged the layout. I realize that I am now using the new semi-default WordPress theme, but hey, it’s darn pretty and I’ve been really appreciating all the new-ish functionality that comes with WordPress 3.2 vs the old one. I’ve made this one my own too. Sort of (in that I changed some colours and fonts).

I’ll try to update this one a little more often, come December I will be done a busy bit of life/school and will be moving on to greener pastures (figuratively as it will then be quite snowy and dark, I do happen to live in Canada).

I have been attempting some more design work plus the old apartment is looking good. Not to mention I always try to squeeze in some holiday crafts.

until later, enjoy this photo of a banana chocolate chip muffin

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