Moo and Brenda

I’m working on my own Christmas cards for this year and Mike suggested that it somehow include our two demons cats, Moo and Brenda. As a starting point, I whipped up these illustrations of the two of them in Illustrator.

Brenda does in fact, look that much like Hello Kitty

As you can see, it’s quite accurate:

Moo (Susumu)


Both of our cats are named after scientists. In this case, Susumu Tonegawa and Brenda Milner. Points if you know who either of these (should-be-famous) scientists and what they did.

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One thought on “Moo and Brenda

  1. Super cute! I love this idea :) I’ve thought about doing up a cheesy ‘family’ photo with the kittehs. Still need to convince Chris that it’s a good idea though…

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