Medical Superheros

Stephen Gaeta has combined two of my loves, science and bold graphic design. And medicine. And humour. Ok, four of my loves. I’m of course biased towards the surgery one, but they’re all amazingly clever.

If you’re wondering what the neurologist is holding, that’s a queen’s square reflex hammer, the tomahawk ones are so out of fashion now.

Thanks Action Potential for passing this along!

30 day photo challenge

Day 11: something blue

Day 11: Something blue

I’ve been busy doodling up a storm over at Sketchy Medicine so I’ve been a little neglectful. However, if you look over to the side where my twitter feed is, you’ll notice that I’ve quietly been plugging away at a 30 day photo challenge.

I’m using the list I found by googling “photo challenge” which happened to be on White Peach. Here’s the list for your viewing pleasure:

  1. Day 1: Self-portrait
  2. Day 2: What you wore today
  3. Day 3: Clouds
  4. Day 4: Something green
  5. Day 5: From a high angle
  6. Day 6: From a low angle
  7. Day 7: Fruit
  8. Day 8: A bad habit
  9. Day 9: Someone you love
  10. Day 10: Childhood memory
  11. Day 11: Something blue
  12. Day 12: Sunset
  13. Day 13: Yourself with 13 things
  14. Day 14: Eyes
  15. Day 15: Silhouette
  16. Day 16: Long exposure
  17. Day 17: Technology
  18. Day 18: Your shoes
  19. Day 19: Something orange
  20. Day 20: Bokeh
  21. Day 21: Faceless self-portrait
  22. Day 22: Hands
  23. Day 23: Sunflare
  24. Day 24: Animal
  25. Day 25: Something pink
  26. Day 26: Close-up
  27. Day 27: From a distance
  28. Day 28: Flowers
  29. Day 29: Black and white
  30. Day 30: Self-portrait

I think when I’m done I’ll put them into a nicely laid out collage. I’ve also been trying to get some other people to join in. You should too.

Hapy NY cake

Back in July when I made Mike’s fancy checkerboard cake I had some leftover bits as well as extra icing and fondant. So I did what any reasonable person would do: made a second, even minier cake, put it in the freezer and forgot about it.

Only to rediscover it a couple weeks ago while making peanut butter balls and decide that it should be our new year cake. Of course I thought that it should say something, unfortunately I did not have enough gel icing. (I hope you’re thinking what I’m thinking)

So HAPY NY from SpiltMartini!

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