Oh Polaroid

Is it bad that I want a Pogo Printer? I know that they’re pretty lame in the sense that they’re poor quality without the vintage appeal and after somewhere around a year of Polaroid saying “naw, we’re not going to make our classic film anymore” they’ve changed their minds and are totally still making film (which means I technically could just get a “real” Polaroid camera). But at 50$ (probably more here since that’s the American price) and for 30 little prints for just over 10$, it seems like a pretty cool idea.

I was thinking it would be especially cool to have when Mike and I go to San Franciscon this summer because we got a little Moleskine City Notebook and I think that the little Pogo stickers might fit in it better than “real” polaroids. We shall see and regardless, the technology is so nifty (and I’m a sucker for those sorts of things).

Oh pixel art, how I missed you

Pixel organs

I’m designing a shirt for a post-exam adventure that my class is having after out Pathology-Immunology-Microbiology exam. I figured that since the powers that be are decided that it would be ingenious to switch to computer based exams, pixel art might be appropriate. I wish that we were printing in more than one colour, since it would be fun to colour these. I might do that anyways, just for my own fun.

PS I’m watching the Oscars. I hope Up wins everything.

Green tea, or is it 363C tea?

363C tea

OK, so I’ve decided, based on some inspiration from Janet, that I am totally slacking in the photo world. I used to take so many pictures, then I think I got self conscious or something, who knows. But things are going to change. Starting with my breakfast. Not that my breakfast has changed, I just wanted to show off my mini oatcake and green tea in a Pantone mug. I sweat the other oatcakes looked better too. I ran out of chocolate for dipping, so this one just has some Nutella and peanut butter smeared on it.

I also wonder why all chewable vitamins taste the same. I bought some vitamin C a while back because it turns out that taking vitamin C helps you absorb iron better (so does alcohol for that matter, but vitamin C seemed a little bit more socially acceptable for the morning). Turns out that you can’t get vit C in non-chewable form, or at least not where I looked. You should be happy, hemoglobin, I love you enough to endure chalky pills (here’s hoping for 125!).

(Hemoglobin needed to donate blood is >125 g/L, normal ranges from 110 – something higher that I’ve never come close to)

A healthy dose of helping the world

Dr. James Orbinski

I was lucky enough to see Dr. James Orbinski speak tonight. For those of you who are thinking “Who?” he is the former president of Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) and started  Dignitas International, an organization that  helps provide treatment and support for people living with HIV/AIDS. He also happens to be a Noble Prize winner (1999). And not to mention an amazing speaker.


I saw Wilco last night. The show was amazing! Mike and I also got a poster, we shall add this to our (growing) collection of screen printed posters. I’ll take a photo of them sometime. Wilco always has amazing, amazing posters. Check them out!

Bahamas opened, and he (plus drummer) was excellent too. Listen! (courtesy  of CBC3)

“New” camera

I meant to mention this forever ago, but I am now the proud owner of a Mamiya C33 TLR camera (christmas gift from Mike). I’ll be taking some photos with it soon just need to get past my big exam tomorrow. I’ve wanted a TLR for a long time (well, a functional one at least, the Brownie at the top of the page has been mine for six or seven years now) but I only found out recently that a local camera shop develops 120 film.

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