And a very merry not-quite-New Year’s

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/other holidays! I certainly did. Not only did I receive an excellent new stylus (see image above) but I found a set of keys that I had been missing for months. They were buried deep within the couch. Odd since I was sure I had checked the couch before.

I’ve been doing lots of baking over this lovely break, hopefully I’ll find the recipes I used and post them soon. This is the age old problem of using recipes found on the Internet and forgetting to bookmark them.

Advent calendars

There are tons of different sorts of advent calendars out there. I grew up with a felt one my mom made where each day you would put an ornament on the tree. My brother and I both loved this one (in fact we now do it over Skype since neither of us live at home anymore) and oddly enough I don’t think either of us ever missed the chocolate ones.


This year however, in addition to my fabric tree (I’ve since made one for myself), I have a tea advent calendar!


Sure beats a tiny chocolate.

I’m now a member of the AMI!

AMI = Association of Medical Illustrators

I’m very excited about this since I’ve been doing scientific/medical illustrations for a while and for various clients and friends and now I’m a member of an organization that’s dedicated to the integrity of the art and the science.

The funny thing is that my grade 11 science teacher had me pegged to do medical illustration. I suppose now she can say that she was right all along.

Moo and Brenda

I’m working on my own Christmas cards for this year and Mike suggested that it somehow include our two demons cats, Moo and Brenda. As a starting point, I whipped up these illustrations of the two of them in Illustrator.

Brenda does in fact, look that much like Hello Kitty

As you can see, it’s quite accurate:

Moo (Susumu)


Both of our cats are named after scientists. In this case, Susumu Tonegawa and Brenda Milner. Points if you know who either of these (should-be-famous) scientists and what they did.

A Mathy Christmas

Last year my Christmas cards were brain-themed, this year I’m branching out into the physical sciences. I’m currently taking orders for the cards (they’re 4 1/4 x 5 1/2″) printed on white card stock, and are blank on the inside.

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